[Doc] 161226 AKB48 ura story Okada Nana 19 years old yume no daisho

Desember 23, 2016

Content Info
  • Show Title: AKB48 Ura Story - Okada Nana 19-sai, Yume no Daisho ("AKB48 Hidden Story: Okada Nana, aged 19, the payment for a dream") Complete Edition
  • Category: Documentary show
  • Episode Number: One-shot
  • Airdate: November 26, 2016
  • Outline: This is another edition (complete edition) of Naachan's documentary which includes over 10 minutes of additional footage.
  • Participant(s): Okada Nana and others.
  • Japanese subtitles: (Not available)
  • English subtitles: (available)
  • Indonesia subtitles: (available)
  • Related Link(s)Show details / AKB48 Official Site
  • Note(s): Englis sub by Nagatsukinura119

  • Indonesia sub by Rakyat Kuvukiland

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